Thursday 12th of April 2018. 8pm -9.30pm. St Mary's Church Hall Hanwell. 62 Greenford Ave. W7 3QP


Bring a guitar! with you to join in.  Although we should have a couple of spares on hand. 


Find out about tuning the guitar, playing chords and lead guitar.


There will be a discussion about guitar playing and a Q&A session.  By the end of the workshop the aim will be for everyone attending, to play something musical together, as a group.

Intermediate Classes 

Courses start on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th of April 2018.

Develop your playing technique and repertoire. Learn lead and rhythm guitar techniques.


Find out how to use scales creatively to improvise and create solos.


Learn about finger-picking techniques and playing guitar riffs. 

Beginner's Classes 


Beginner's course starts 19th of April. Post-Beginner's course starts 16th April.


Learn to play chords, well known songs, riffs and scales.


Develop a good grounding in guitar playing techniques.


Fun, informal classes for adults.


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